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43 years of WWTP operations experience is valuable when it comes to mentoring others in troubleshooting and optimizing biological treatment systems. You will notice in my picture below I have aged well and I can be a bit colorful at times. 

New ADDITION - the Gut Microbiome page - In the recent past their is a growing interest in the Human or Gut Microbiome and its relationship to physical & mental health.  My interest in WWTP microbes has lead me reading/study this subject extensively.  One striking fact jumps out about the bugs living in our digestive track & the various  WWTP biomasses, they both can be managed (operated) to improve "Performance".  The information on this website is not meant as medical advice but is meant a source of information to be shared with others.



  • 1.5 years as operator at the Greeley CO WWTP.
  • 31 years at La Crosse WI WWTP , 16 years in operations, lab, process control and the remaining 15 years as superintendent.
  • 17 years of personally operating biological phosphorus & nitrogen removal systems or assisting others with their operations.
  • 8 years of investigating and assessing more than 49 biological phosphorus & nitrogen removal systems in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Arkansas and Virginia.
  • Since starting Op2Myz, LLC  7 years ago, I've had the pleasure of working with 21  WWTPs helping them to optimize P & N removal performance. 
  • Member of WWOA, WEF, CSWEA and WEAT
  • Grade 4 Wisconsin Wastewater Treatment Operator Certification.
  • Have done training on biological phosphorus & nitrogen removal systems since 1998.
  • Shared information through numerous presentations at CSWEA, WWOA, FVOA and NWD-AWWWEA conferences.